TIM Participacoes SA (ADR) (NYSE:TSU) Hopes To Accelerate Network Transformation

TIM Participacoes SA (ADR) (NYSE:TSU) together with Cisco Systems, Inc (NASDAQ:CSCO), it has unveiled a project that will most probably transform TIM?s Optical Packet Metro (OPM) network. This happens to be a form of infrastructure indicating major capabilities in both the collection and the aggregation of traffic .That is from mobile, fixed lines to the company connections.

Analysts view the project as a major step towards technological evolution of TIM?s IP network. That is because immense success was witnessed following the deployment of the latest Software Defined Network technology and the new automation mechanisms. The company has achieved greater operational efficiency. The new business models have been set up in such a way that they will readily adopt 5G technology.

The new agreement provides that an integration of OPM network and ASR 9000 (Cisco Aggregation Services Router) technology will be carried out. Cisco?s ASR 9000 technology is characterized with top speeds. Asides from this, it has continued to showcase both efficiency and completeness in supporting the demand generated by data traffic peaks and videos across each and every network.

Both providers are looking forward to the eventual implementation of the project. Once implemented, it will be possible for TIM to move smoothly through the process of digitizing its fixed and mobile line services for the consumer. This will also cover the various wholesale and business sectors.

Some experts have pointed out to the great need for the two providers to ensure optimized and simplified operational models. They have also emphasized on the great need to have in place the adequate bandwidth. That will be achievable through the provision 100 Gigabit IP connectivity to the metropolitan areas. Directing great support towards the growth of video traffic is something the two providers will have at the center-stage.

The investment sticks out as one of the top strategies by TIM and reports place the company?s expenditure in line with this to stand at about 5 billion euros. The company hopes that soon it will be able to speed up the implementation of national ultra-broadband coverage. TIM?s spokesperson opines that they will move smoothly through the process.