Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) And KPMG Announce Global Partnership

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) and KPMG have announced a global partnership in which KPMG?s audit practices are available on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

The partnership between Microsoft and KPMG seeks to create a global digital solutions hub that will take advantage of Microsoft?s artificial intelligence technology and Azure cloud services. The digital solutions hub will then link them with KPMG?s business experience. The aim of the partnership is to aid companies towards transforming all areas of their operations including operations, customer experience and finance. Mark Goodburn, the chief of advisory at KPMG stated that his company has enjoyed a good relationship with Microsoft since the 1990s but there has been very little change. The new partnership is thus a new avenue to explore more areas while working together.

?The intersection between technology and business has been getting stronger. We re-evaluated it, saw some of their new technologies that looked good to us and our business acumen looked good to them,? stated Goodburn.

KPMG and Microsoft to introduce solutions for serving customers better

John Veihmeyer, the chairman of KPMG Global stated that CEOs are seeking new forms of digital solutions that will feature the best technology combined with business expertise. His statement highlights the joint venture between his company and Microsoft which is one of the industry leaders in technology.

The Digital Solutions Hub will feature technology solutions that are designed to help optimize the customer?s operations. It will also help them to create digitally driven businesses that are sustainable, efficient and can compete effectively in a highly dynamic world. Goodburn pointed out that KPMG should be able to act faster to keep up with the increasing rate of change. He pointed out that most clients are aware that something has to be done but they are often not sure exactly what needs to be done.

According to Goodburn, clients are constantly demanding more agility than ever before. He believes that teaming up with Microsoft will allow for quicker movement. KPMG and Microsoft plan to commence operations at the Hub in the fourth quarter this year.