Tel Aviv Is Home To The Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) BlueHat Cyber Security Event

The upcoming Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Bluehat cyber security event, will be the first of its kind launched by the company, outside the borders of the United States. According to the company?s blog post, the event will be held in Tel Aviv, which is based in Israel.

The event itself is an investigation into some of the latest innovations and breakthroughs when it comes to cyber security. The reason behind this investigation is to better educate members who attend on cyber security related matters.

More details about the upcoming Bluehat event
However, this conference is based on an invite-only policy. Therefore, only Israeli Microsoft employees, or individuals, who have been invited to the conference will be eligible to enter the premises.

Although this event may be the first-time-ever for Israel, it certainly is not close to the first time for Microsoft, the company has had 16 previous events, such as this one. However, the key difference is that these events were all situated in one location, namely Washington.

However, this event will allegedly be slightly more unique than that of the previous events by Microsoft, as the company wishes to bring more locals into the educational era of cyber security. This seemingly was the reason for the company choosing Tel Aviv, which is known to be rich in high-tech ventures, and start-ups.

Comments on what can be expected at the Bluehat event
When questioned on how the event will be in Israel, Merav Bahat, who serves as the Chief Marketing Officer and Business Strategy Director at Microsoft stated, ?We thought, we want to do it here but we want to do it differently.?

Comments on what can be expected at the Bluehat event

In addition to the Cyber Security conference, BlueHat will also be the host of a creativity hub, which is located in Israel R&D Centre, which is called Microsoft Garage. This facility, according to those familiar with the matter allows participants to enjoy drone races and similar projects.