?Punjab?s first CM spun charkha till his final days?

HISAR: First Punjab chief minister loved khadi so much that he had spun charkha till a few days before his death, recounted historian Mahendra Singh.

Addressing the memorial meeting on the occasion of the birth anniversary of the former CM of undivided Punjab at Sarvodaya Bhawan in Hisar, the former head of the history department of Dayanand College said the Gandhian had sold his buggy and house ornaments to repay the loan taken from the government.

Mahendra said the most important contribution of the first CM of Punjab was khadi. He was called the ?Khadi?s Messiah?. For the cause of khadi, he had established a ?charkha sangh? and he used to spin charkha in any situation, the historian added.

?On December 25, 1966, the yarn spun by him went to and came back woven as a cloth. When he saw that the cloth?s rail is quite big, he told his colleagues that he could use the same for his entire life and would also be used for his shroud. But he passed away the next day on December 26 and the cloth spun by him was used as his shroud,? the historian said.

He said Bhargava had taken a loan from the government and he sold his buggy and home ornaments to repay it. He had also borrowed Rs 25,000 from his brother to repay the loan, he added.

He said the old politician?s ideology was unique in relation to the construction of new India. ?By introducing work of sewing, spinning, weaving, crusher, dyeing work in the village and providing employment to many people, he made important contributions to village-development programmes,? he said.

He gave the idea of setting up the city of Chandigarh. The Bhakra Dam project was also his brainchild, Mahender added.

He said Bhargava, who was extremely polite, was never heard speaking in loud voice even in the state assembly. His opponents would ensure that everyone was quiet so that he could be heard, he added.

Family members of Gopi Chand Bhargava and Rajesh Jakhar, Ajit Singh, Dr Indrajeet, Anil Panikar, Narendra Jain, Subhash Sharma and others were also present on this occasion.

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